Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ultraman VS. Kamen Rider - Just How Much You Laugh At Them!

Hahahahaha *Laughters & Giggles* Whenever You or more Specifically, I mention about Ultraman, Super Sentai (Power Rangers) and Kamen Rider (Masked Rider).

Both Tokusatsu series are legendary fan-favourites in the Japanese market, primarily among young kids. Hey, even my good Japanese friend from New Zealand, Masato Igarashi, a Tokyo native, was laughing his head off when i mentioned about my 'Uncanny' interest towards the genre.
Well, allow me to explain briefly about it. And the Most Important Question - Why Do I Like It So Much?

To Make Things Short for Your Digestion - I have Summarised What my Childhood Heroes May Want You to Know About Them.


  • An intergalatic Police Officer from the Galaxy M-78, sent to Earth to protect it from impending danger of monster attacks. The series has been running since the mid 1960s and has spawned many notable sequels and spin-offs of the genre. Most of the Ultramen' are coloured in Red or White, with different Variations of Colours as the Time Changes.
  • Known as the Iconic Mascot of the Japanese Tokusatsu Industry after Godzilla, and a prominent superhero among kids in the olden days.
  • Have recently lost out in Ratings to More Popular Series, Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.

Kamen Rider
(Masked Rider)

  • Innocent humans who are skilled in martial-arts are held captive by evil underground organisations led by evil but genius scientists in order to be transformed into a human-cyborg (Kamen Rider)
  • Recognises Justice and Opposes its Creators, the Innocent Humans now Fight as Kamen Riders, Protector of Justice and Peace
  • Series established in mid 1970s as a rival to the famous alternative genre - Ultraman. Ratings in the last 1970s has been Weak with threats of Cancellation by TV Stations.
  • Series underwent huge Transformation in the Way the Story-lines were Written and FINALLY, Beating their competitor - Ultraman in the Ratings for the New Millennium.
  • Series has continued to Grow Strongly among Fans in Japan with More Radical Changes.
  • Most Kamen Riders are based on Insect-motifs, eventhough in Recent Years, alternatives motifs like Animals, Demons and Legendary Creatures are used to represent the Protector of Justice and Peace.

Super Sentai (Power Rangers)
  • The Counter-Attack Move by production Giant, Toei (Company) to use TWO Tokusatsu Genres in the mid 1970s to rival the immense popularity of Tsuburaya (Company)'s Ultraman series.
  • A Team of 5 Unique Gentlemen and Ladies are selected to form a Taskforce (Sentai) in order to battle Space Aliens or Earth Invaders.
  • The Genre is the LONGEST Lasting Tokusatsu Genre, NEVER being Stopped during its Production Run from the Mid 1970s until NOW.
  • Series are usually written for Kids with Very Simple and Comedic Plots to Keep their Interest towards the Genre.
  • The Teams (Sentai) are based on multiple variations from Vehicles, Dinosaurs, Animals, Futuristic Vehicles, Gods and most recently Cartoon Vehicles.
  • Has been the TWO Strong Tokusatsu Productions headed by Toei (Company) in Japan.
  • Has Consistently Good Ratings to Keep It On Air.
  • Teams are usually accompanied by Gigantic Robots to aid them against Giant Monsters.

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