Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Welcome Readers! & Hello Blogging World!

Hello All,

I am Michael Teoh. I am from Prai, Penang and i am currently furthering my studies in New Zealand. I come from a normal family with a very normal background. Given the grounds that i came from a normal background in which i attended primary school up to secondary school raised by our government, and then into a private college funded by my dad (And YES, i am still in-debt to my dad) and now in New Zealand.

I am a striving student, eager to try to make a Mark and Impact in the society, especially when my interests lie in the World of Business. This is going to be an interesting blogging experience for me as i do run a few notable blogs on the web.

If you have time, please do check them out!

'Unleashing Your Cooking Talent!' - (Pet-project to teach lesser people such as myself to COOK)
'Your Knowledge Bank' - (A Project currently going on Strong, dedicated to Leaders and Corporates whom i have worked with or mentored before)

Again, WELCOME to (A project which really sets no Boundaries for our discussions Here and You can really Expect Some Whacko Stuffs from Here Onwards!)

Well, Happy Blogging and Happy New Year 2008!

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