Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Special-Effects Monsters - The Gathering of Japanese Monsters!!!

Godzilla: History of the King of Monsters Trailer

Godzilla: Tokyo SOS Trailer

Gamera Movie Trailer

Dragon Wars 2007 Movie Trailer

I am pretty sure all those who are not familiar with the Japanese Tokusatsu genre would be questioning, what are those Rubber Suit Shows that i have uploaded here? Well, i am here to briefly share with you about the Japanese Movie Industry.

Like in USA for Box-Office Hits are the Pinnacle of Hollywood, the Japanese Movie market stands Strong with their regular productions of Tokusatsu shows, namely the Legendary Godzilla and Gamera.

Produced by notable Movie Tokusatsu Titans like Toei and Toho, Japan has Succeeded in Branding their Country's Distinctive Productions through the means of these Rubbery Monsters! Absolutely fantastic to trace their History Back!

I used to Enjoy them very much while i was young! Well, gotta get going now! Please find time to Experience what i had Enjoyed in the Past! Maybe You Might Find Them Interesting Too.


Godzilla - A Lizard-Dinosaur Hybrid - Japanese Production
Gamera - A Tortoise Monster - Japanese Production
Dragon Wars - The FIRST Korean Attempt in the Silver-Screen franchise of Tokusatsu Monsters!

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