Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Childhood Favourite Monster - Gojira' a.k.a. Godzilla

I love the Japanese Tokusatsu Industry, and i still do until this day. I grown up in a normal family in which during the age of 5 to 8 years old, i would sit in front of the TV to wait for favourite 'Tokusatsu' series like Ultraman and Masked Rider (Kamen Rider). Truly Memorable, eventhough same may say, they are 'Kiddish.'

But HEY Guys, we all grew up watching those shows sometimes. Why Not just Relive our Childhood Memories?

Anyway, much of my 'Interesting' Favourites will be unveiled as we progress in this blog. And THIS IS WHY i love Everythinglah, because i can freely express myself here for those who wants to read about the Realization & the Reflection of a Sub-Urban Town Boy such as myself while growing up.

Here is my Favourite Daikaiju Movie - Godzilla. For this 1st Commentary, let us compare the Original Godzilla produced by Japan VS. the Sony USA's production of Godzilla. You Tell the Difference!

USA Version - Godzilla 'Size Does Matter'

Japanese Version - Godzilla 'King of Monsters'


- Tokusatsu = Japanese Special-Effects Shows displaying Clever Camera Shootings to make Seemingly Impossible Stunts Look Possible

- Daikaiju = Monsters in Japanese, Terrible Monsters

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