Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ultraman VS. Kamen Rider - Just How Much You Laugh At Them!

Hahahahaha *Laughters & Giggles* Whenever You or more Specifically, I mention about Ultraman, Super Sentai (Power Rangers) and Kamen Rider (Masked Rider).

Both Tokusatsu series are legendary fan-favourites in the Japanese market, primarily among young kids. Hey, even my good Japanese friend from New Zealand, Masato Igarashi, a Tokyo native, was laughing his head off when i mentioned about my 'Uncanny' interest towards the genre.
Well, allow me to explain briefly about it. And the Most Important Question - Why Do I Like It So Much?

To Make Things Short for Your Digestion - I have Summarised What my Childhood Heroes May Want You to Know About Them.


  • An intergalatic Police Officer from the Galaxy M-78, sent to Earth to protect it from impending danger of monster attacks. The series has been running since the mid 1960s and has spawned many notable sequels and spin-offs of the genre. Most of the Ultramen' are coloured in Red or White, with different Variations of Colours as the Time Changes.
  • Known as the Iconic Mascot of the Japanese Tokusatsu Industry after Godzilla, and a prominent superhero among kids in the olden days.
  • Have recently lost out in Ratings to More Popular Series, Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.

Kamen Rider
(Masked Rider)

  • Innocent humans who are skilled in martial-arts are held captive by evil underground organisations led by evil but genius scientists in order to be transformed into a human-cyborg (Kamen Rider)
  • Recognises Justice and Opposes its Creators, the Innocent Humans now Fight as Kamen Riders, Protector of Justice and Peace
  • Series established in mid 1970s as a rival to the famous alternative genre - Ultraman. Ratings in the last 1970s has been Weak with threats of Cancellation by TV Stations.
  • Series underwent huge Transformation in the Way the Story-lines were Written and FINALLY, Beating their competitor - Ultraman in the Ratings for the New Millennium.
  • Series has continued to Grow Strongly among Fans in Japan with More Radical Changes.
  • Most Kamen Riders are based on Insect-motifs, eventhough in Recent Years, alternatives motifs like Animals, Demons and Legendary Creatures are used to represent the Protector of Justice and Peace.

Super Sentai (Power Rangers)
  • The Counter-Attack Move by production Giant, Toei (Company) to use TWO Tokusatsu Genres in the mid 1970s to rival the immense popularity of Tsuburaya (Company)'s Ultraman series.
  • A Team of 5 Unique Gentlemen and Ladies are selected to form a Taskforce (Sentai) in order to battle Space Aliens or Earth Invaders.
  • The Genre is the LONGEST Lasting Tokusatsu Genre, NEVER being Stopped during its Production Run from the Mid 1970s until NOW.
  • Series are usually written for Kids with Very Simple and Comedic Plots to Keep their Interest towards the Genre.
  • The Teams (Sentai) are based on multiple variations from Vehicles, Dinosaurs, Animals, Futuristic Vehicles, Gods and most recently Cartoon Vehicles.
  • Has been the TWO Strong Tokusatsu Productions headed by Toei (Company) in Japan.
  • Has Consistently Good Ratings to Keep It On Air.
  • Teams are usually accompanied by Gigantic Robots to aid them against Giant Monsters.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Special-Effects Monsters - The Gathering of Japanese Monsters!!!

Godzilla: History of the King of Monsters Trailer

Godzilla: Tokyo SOS Trailer

Gamera Movie Trailer

Dragon Wars 2007 Movie Trailer

I am pretty sure all those who are not familiar with the Japanese Tokusatsu genre would be questioning, what are those Rubber Suit Shows that i have uploaded here? Well, i am here to briefly share with you about the Japanese Movie Industry.

Like in USA for Box-Office Hits are the Pinnacle of Hollywood, the Japanese Movie market stands Strong with their regular productions of Tokusatsu shows, namely the Legendary Godzilla and Gamera.

Produced by notable Movie Tokusatsu Titans like Toei and Toho, Japan has Succeeded in Branding their Country's Distinctive Productions through the means of these Rubbery Monsters! Absolutely fantastic to trace their History Back!

I used to Enjoy them very much while i was young! Well, gotta get going now! Please find time to Experience what i had Enjoyed in the Past! Maybe You Might Find Them Interesting Too.


Godzilla - A Lizard-Dinosaur Hybrid - Japanese Production
Gamera - A Tortoise Monster - Japanese Production
Dragon Wars - The FIRST Korean Attempt in the Silver-Screen franchise of Tokusatsu Monsters!

My Childhood Favourite Monster - Gojira' a.k.a. Godzilla

I love the Japanese Tokusatsu Industry, and i still do until this day. I grown up in a normal family in which during the age of 5 to 8 years old, i would sit in front of the TV to wait for favourite 'Tokusatsu' series like Ultraman and Masked Rider (Kamen Rider). Truly Memorable, eventhough same may say, they are 'Kiddish.'

But HEY Guys, we all grew up watching those shows sometimes. Why Not just Relive our Childhood Memories?

Anyway, much of my 'Interesting' Favourites will be unveiled as we progress in this blog. And THIS IS WHY i love Everythinglah, because i can freely express myself here for those who wants to read about the Realization & the Reflection of a Sub-Urban Town Boy such as myself while growing up.

Here is my Favourite Daikaiju Movie - Godzilla. For this 1st Commentary, let us compare the Original Godzilla produced by Japan VS. the Sony USA's production of Godzilla. You Tell the Difference!

USA Version - Godzilla 'Size Does Matter'

Japanese Version - Godzilla 'King of Monsters'


- Tokusatsu = Japanese Special-Effects Shows displaying Clever Camera Shootings to make Seemingly Impossible Stunts Look Possible

- Daikaiju = Monsters in Japanese, Terrible Monsters

My 3 Favourite LEGO Moments

This LEGO Mini-Series is Fantastic!

This is a Whackiest & perhaps Funniest Stop-Animation feature i have ever seen. In order to Launch the blog of, perhaps some

would really make your Stay here more Relaxing. Enjoy...

'Cake or Death' - Casting: LEGO People

'Darth Vader VS. Kitchen Staff' - Casting: LEGO People

'James Bond with his Millions of Gadgets' - Casting: LEGO People


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